Direct Response Resume Service

Giving you the competitive advantage—and reducing your uncertainty–during today’s job search.

The Old Resume Style is Dead. Discover the High-Voltage, Interview-Landing Resume That Will Have Hiring Managers Saying, “This is the Person I’m Looking For!”

Imagine your resume causing the next human resource manager who reads it to fist pump and shout, “Yeah!”

Then picture your future employer grabbing the nearest phone and calling you…

This could actually happen to you within the week.

But beware, it absolutely won’t happen if you get swallowed up in all the resume “quicksand” out there.

And the first step into this quicksand?  Using a resume that doesn’t elevate you above everybody else fighting for the same job.

This type of interview-killing resume comes from one of three sources.

It’s either…

…spit out from your computer based on some online template. Free yes, but since millions of other jobseekers have used it, it’ll still end up costing you.

…cranked out by one of the hundreds of internet resume mills.

…or hacked out by some out-of-work human resources staffer.

But regardless of the source, the results are the same. No interview call like the one mentioned earlier.

Instead you lose valuable time and endure needless frustration because your resume reads more like an employment diary or laundry list. Translation: it’s boring and unattractive.

So what’s the solution? Let me introduce the direct response resume.

These powerful, interview-landing resumes are strategic marketing masterpieces because they:

  • Grab hiring manager’s attention.
  • Compellingly spotlight how you can make employers more successful.
  • Convince employers you’re the ideal candidate for their job opening, or promotion.

In fact, this kind of trail-blazing resume is so compelling, you could have hiring manager calling you in for an interview…almost before they’ve even finished reading it.

That’s because they’re based on a proven, tested formula that provides you with a crucial edge…

Competitive Advantage:  Why Your Resume is Doomed Without it

As an office manager, I quickly examined incoming resumes daily. When done, I’d put them in one of three files—the promising, the OK, and the NFW (Yes, that’s what we called them). Only the promising resumes made it to my supervisor.

So what kept resumes out of the promising pile?

I’ll tell you the main problems…and how I solve them now with strategies that add competitive advantage.

  • Management wants to know if you can make or save them money…few resumes convey this. Direct response resumes specifically highlight your capabilities and accomplishments.  Now, a HR manager will know instantly you’re the right person for the job.
  • Using a cookie-cutter resume. My resumes are tailored to your unique background.  If you have some gaps in your employment you need a functional resume not the usual chronological style. However, sometimes your accomplishments and job history will grab an employer’s attention right away—this calls for   a combined resume.
  • Lacks a compelling objective statement. This’ll damage your chances more than you realize. HR managers only have time to scan the hundreds of resumes they receive. You need a powerful, targeted message that tells them you not only want the job, but also have the relevant training and experience.
  • No keyword-oriented skills summary or a bad one. A superior resume takes advantage of this vital area to place key words that the employer will be looking for. If the employer’s attention isn’t captured here, you’re resume will be tossed. And if it’s long and rambling? Same thing.
  • Resume reads like all the others—dull and lifeless. You know what I mean. One that says, “You utilized this to impact that.” And more blah, blah, blah that makes employer’s eyes glaze over. I’m also a copywriter, so I put on the gloves and—POW—knock out your prospective employer with the power of language. It’s called “up-selling” a client…but don‘t worry it’s accurate and truthful.

So ask yourself, are you doing everything you can to cut the chances of your resume landing in the OK or NFW piles?

It’s urgent that you are. Did you know…

  • Widespread, long-term unemployment is a national emergency, according to economists Dean Baker and Kevin Hassett in a May 2012 issue of the New York Times.
  • Yes, the national unemployment rate has fallen from its recession highs.  But those who have been out of work for six months or more are still having trouble finding employment, adds  a June 2012 story on

But now, you don’t have to worry about being a statistic.

Get the Complete Confidence that Comes from a Winning Resume

Imagine facing your job search with optimism and peace of mind.

Why? Because you have the competitive edge of using a direct response resume…and the FREE cover letter, follow-up letter, and reference sheet templates that come with it.

And you can send your resume as a either Word Document or HTML format—another free bonus I provide.

But wait, if you contact me today, I will also give you, completely free, my own personal cover letter that nabbed me two interviews each week during the height of the recent recession. So call now, once my schedule is full, I will only provide this to future clients who get $397–$497 executive resumes.

Also, trust is vital. So how can you trust me to deliver on my pledge to you to deliver the best resumes available anywhere?

Here’s what people I have worked for say about my ability, professionalism, and dependability…

  • “Dale  always comes up with attention-getting, results-driven material .   He is super resourceful, but most importantly, totally dependable regarding deadlines.”

Paula Longstreet, Owner, Healthy Design, Cadillac, Mich.

  • “His writing and analytical skills are sharply honed.  He is industrious and dedicated.  Dale’s approach to his job can be characterized as truly professional.”

Susan E. Smith, City Manager (Grand Rapids, MI), The Hertz Corp.

  • “There have been many occasions when I have directly issued him assignments and have, subsequently, evaluated his work. Without exception, Sims has presented me with very high quality professional results.”

Lt. Col. Albert E. Lewis, commander, 1140th US Army Signal Bn.

Finally, You Can Take Control of Your Employment Future…Starting Today

The sooner you pick up the phone and call me, the sooner you can have hiring managers calling you. Don’t go on wondering if you’re doing all it takes to succeed in today’s job-hunt jungle.

And…don’t risk losing vital time and opportunities.

Time and time again, my clients have expressed total satisfaction with my resumes.

But to give YOU more peace of mind, you get my 100% iron-clad satisfaction guarantee. And I promise your resume will be delivered ON TIME, ON TARGET.  If you need it by a certain day, you’ll get it.

So put me to the test…contact me today.

For a free, no-obligation consultation, contact Dale L. Sims, professional resume writer, through the form below, or at or 616-956-1171.


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